Welcome to the HPM Group

The Human Performance Management (HPM) Group focuses on the role of the human factor in operational and innovation processes. In our view, an optimal fit between humans and work will be achieved when both human and work aspects are integrally (re)designed and (re)developed to improve job and organizational performance. On the human aspect, knowledge, skills, abilities, motivation, and creativity of employees are relevant to/for delivering high-quality contributions to the realization of organizational and individual goals. On the work side, technical, social-organizational and job conditions under which people deliver their contributions to the realization of both organizational and individual goals are relevant.

From a national and international perspective, the emphasis on Human Performance Management rather than Human Resources Management makes the group stand out from most other Human Resources Management programs.

Mission of the HPM Group

The mission of the Human Performance Management Group is to contribute to a humane design or redesign of work. This implies that our key focus is on the role of the human factor in operational and innovation processes. Next to this, we investigate organizational behavior, i.e. the explanation of psychological processes at the organizational, group, or individual level within the context of operations and innovation management. Finally, we aim at a fine balance between theoretical foundation and practical application.

For that very reason, we have a strong as well as unique focus on Human Performance Management:

  • Positive view: optimization of performance, creativity, motivation, learning, crafting, engagement
  • Process-oriented: self-regulation, human decision-making
  • Humane: key focus on the human factor in (re)design of work